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another snowy day

February 18, 2008

  this is becoming quite the stormy winter. we have had event cancellations, blizzard like conditions, trees falling, road slide offs and we’re close to reaching the maximum of school snow days. this is definately the heaviest winter weather i’ve seen since moving away from los angeles. and so today the posibility of canceling tonight […]

sun and snow

February 13, 2008

i’m working form home this morning before taking some students to lunch. in through my living room window is streaming sunlight and in the background snow is falling.  it’s a very cool sight.  and just seeing some sunlight is a very good thing.  i was forgetting what it looked like. thanks God! pax: ty

praying for a snow day

January 22, 2008

UPDATE: WOO HOO! Dawn and I are going out to breakfast to celebrate the SNOW DAY! Both West Side Christian and Holland Christian are closed and we can enjoy some time together. dawn woke up at 5:15 [me too then] and checked the tv right away to see if it’s a snow day. now we’re […]

snow, snow and more snow

January 1, 2008

since about 7 o’clock last night, i don’t think it has stopped snowing.  not heavy, just light constant snow.  maybe in total about 6 to 8 inches.  kinda nice and makes for a beautiful landscape when you see all the white snow in the trees. dawn and i went for a walk around the neighborhood […]

grrr… mandetory do over

April 7, 2007

everyone in west michigan who stayed here for spring break should get a do over! because of how horrible the weather was this week we should get another week of our choosing to do what we want and enjoy a spring break when it’s actually warm and you can be outside. why not next week? […]