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the clock is ticking

April 4, 2008

well, i just bought a new wireless broadband card on ebay tonight to replace the one i lost this week. that means [according to my friend deloy] that i will find my “lost” card within 12 to 24 hours. i tend to think he’s right! with over $500 left in service commitment i would have […]

sites of the passion

March 21, 2008

on this BLOG there is a post that shows the sites of the passion week using google maps.  it show all the different places now in modern jerusalem that were the sites of the events of the week where Christ sacrificed himself for our sins. it’s something worth checking out. pax: ty


March 19, 2008

  we got a wii! i had signed up a few weeks ago at wiiallerts.com to be able to get notices whenever there are some available at a store or on-line.  we want one for our youth building at church and for our middle school dances. well, i just nabbed one from amazon.com and about […]

flip video

February 16, 2008

so we got a new gadget for our serve project this summer. it’s a flip video camera. check it out… HERE. these are a couple of samples i’m playing with. the first is our neighbhorhood an d the second is from our monthly middle school function at church. it’s a small, 1 hour video camera […]

beautiful snow

January 24, 2008

a picture of the snow on our block and in our back yard. it was beautiful and snowy this morning. probably about a foot and a half to two feet here in the last couple of days. schools were closed out here on the lakeshore but were open in grand rapids, so dawn took my […]

waiting for walt mueller [part two]

January 23, 2008

  so now i’m waiting at the grand rapids airport for walt.  modern technology is sweet. with my little device pictured above, i’m on my laptop with mobile wireless internet and checking the progress of his flight online.  he’s going to be 6 minutes early.  i’m glad the weather has held out and we can […]

don’t let dawn read this because i spent money!

October 17, 2007

[postscript: dawn does know about it, i told her.  and i did have the money “saved” up for this!  i’m not that horrible of a husband spending all our money on my toys!] so today after a great lunch with my former pastor, i fixed my problem with finding wi-fi! i got mobile broadband wi-fi. […]