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impending sabbath [sabbatical]!

March 11, 2013

i’m pretty excited today. why? because three weeks from today i will officially be on sabbatical [sabbath rest] from my position at harderwyk ministries as youth pastor.  my prayer on this coming time away, that like my garden plot from last summer: life will grow and renew what God intends to flourish. i’m starting to […]


October 16, 2012

  so my sabbatical journey begins officially today!  why? because at our church council meeting last night, my 11 page plan [that i’ve been working on for almost a year now] was approved and financially supported. so now i’m will be starting a journey to breath, research, rest, gain some perspective and enjoy my family […]

last day in california

March 7, 2008

today is my last day out here. it’s been the most intellectually stretching time of my life and i’m so grateful for the opportunity. i’m also super pumped about getting back home and seeing dawn and having life together with her again. however, i will miss a few things about so cal… sunshine temps in […]

something else i hate

February 24, 2008

just for the record, i hate flying.  big fat men such as myself have no business on a plane crammed in a seat a 100 lb. woman would have a hard time sitting in.  it’s about the most miserable and claustrophobia experience ever for me.  there better be a lot of sun and warm weather […]

california bound

February 23, 2008

dawn made it safe to chicago and is about ready to board her first flight, which is to houston. then they head to guatamala city and should get there about the time i’m landing in minneapolis because today i’m on my way.  tonight by 9 pm pacific time i’ll be in los angeles.  two weeks […]

sioux center scents!

November 1, 2007

todd [my youth pator buddy] and i made it to sioux center.  the holiday inn express we’re staying at is brand new and very nice.  however, the scent from the hog packing plant across the street isn’t and reeks! we’re heading out now to check out the dordt campus and hang out. maybe the scent […]

driving to dordt

October 31, 2007

after an evening of insomnia and worrying about how poorly i take care of myself, [all of which means not much sleep] i’m off this morning to pella and then to dordt college! it’s been about two years since i’ve been to pella and at least 6 years since visiting dordt. it’s a visit to […]

bumpy ride

October 22, 2007

wow, i haven’t been on a plane ride that bumpy for a long time. over the edge of colorado and kansas we were hopping around quite a bit. it always freaks me out and gets me sweaty and white knuckled! some of the views of the fires in so cal were errie from the air. […]

i’m outta here!

October 22, 2007

well the drive this morning from san diego north was unbelievable. i’ve never seen that much smoke and congestion. there are at least 15 fires out here in southern california and near san diego they’ve evacuated 250,000 people. that’s a quarter million. i didn’t want to take the chance going to my sister’s house in […]

breakfast in san diego

October 18, 2007

so i’m waiting for my buddy and his delayed flight into san diego.  so what to do? you guessed it, breakfast at denny’s.  sometimes you just get a hankerin for a little chicken friend steak, gravy, eggs and hash-browns!  mmm… i should be able to take a long walk today after my first seminar is […]