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encroachment, bonhoeffer and gracious, generous engagement

April 8, 2013

          so here i am in lancaster, pennsylvania on a research and reading week.  i’m spending some time with walt mueller and derek melleby talking about culture, ministry to young adults, discernment, worldview and more.  the hope is to start to put a framework around some of the thinking i want to do in […]

impending sabbath [sabbatical]!

March 11, 2013

i’m pretty excited today. why? because three weeks from today i will officially be on sabbatical [sabbath rest] from my position at harderwyk ministries as youth pastor.  my prayer on this coming time away, that like my garden plot from last summer: life will grow and renew what God intends to flourish. i’m starting to […]

i resolve to live

December 31, 2008

thinking about my last post a few mintues ago, i want to post about living in 2009. tonight while walking around st. augustine, florida, i told her i would like to live in 2009.  see, i’m a wreck pysically, which i think leads to being a wreck emotionally and mentally.  not that i’m so unhinged […]

dave’s post on psalm 46

December 31, 2008

a youth pastor friend of mine, dave roberts, posted this today.  how true, but how difficult to have this attitude.  i think this would be a wonderful way to live and desire that kind of faith in trials and life. pax: ty God is my refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore […]

i have a savior, thank you.

November 4, 2008

obama. mccain.  neither one of them will save the world, save the country or point the way to God.  i already have a savior who wants me to live in his love and share that love with the world around me. obama will not pay my mortgage and mccain will not add to my roth […]

beautiful fall day

September 17, 2008

the only downside to these beautiful fall days in michigan is that you know horrible winter days are just around the corner.  i just have to ignore the impending doom and gloom and get outside as much as possible until then! i hope everyone finds some way to enjoy something about today.  i know i […]

baby’s first picture

September 16, 2008

pax: ty


August 28, 2008

well it’s official.  i’m going to be a dad!  dawn is almost 8 weeks pregnant and feeling really sick.  we were going to wait to share this information but people are figuring out by how sick she is and how little they have seen her. so next april we’ll have our first child. i’m rooting […]

time to withdraw

July 31, 2008

today i asked to officially withdraw from my dmin courses at fuller.  i hate doing it because it was so amazing, but it was a good decision i’ve been contemplating for over a month now.  if you were wondering why in deeper detail, blow is the letter i sent to my fellow classmates that might […]

a sence of awe

July 29, 2008

for our vacation this year dawn and i went to gettysburg and harpers ferry. it was a complete immersion in history for both of us. we also made the trip during the three days that the battle of gettysburg took place: july 1, 2 and 3. on the third we walked the distance of pickett’s […]