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impending sabbath [sabbatical]!

March 11, 2013

i’m pretty excited today. why? because three weeks from today i will officially be on sabbatical [sabbath rest] from my position at harderwyk ministries as youth pastor.  my prayer on this coming time away, that like my garden plot from last summer: life will grow and renew what God intends to flourish. i’m starting to […]


October 16, 2012

  so my sabbatical journey begins officially today!  why? because at our church council meeting last night, my 11 page plan [that i’ve been working on for almost a year now] was approved and financially supported. so now i’m will be starting a journey to breath, research, rest, gain some perspective and enjoy my family […]

pulling back the curtain • part three

March 27, 2008

finding our way forward with students and their families is going to take knowing the cultural landscape, understanding our theological “rocks” that are non-negotiable and then making intelligent choices based on those two things. the cultural landscape of students these points are based on the research of chap clark in his book “hurt” we may […]

renewing the mind

March 4, 2008

my mind is in need of much renewal right now.  i think you can retrain it, i think an old dog can learn new tricks, but it just takes determination and focus.  some of the ways i need to start renewing things are… theological and biblical evaluation of everything being a skeptic when it comes […]

book five

January 24, 2008

maybe because there were a few days in between reading the problems in adolescence and the solutions, but i haven’t been as down about a book or challenged about a solution as i have with this book. hurt, by chap clark, is a deep and dark assessment of the mid-adolescent world from a year of […]

where are the adults

January 15, 2008

this is [but with much better words than i could come up with] what i’ve been thinking about for ministry between youth and adults here at harderwyk after reading family based youth ministry. we promise in the baptismal covenant to do all we can to raise our children in the faith and then struggle to […]

rethinking events as youth ministy

December 22, 2007

i’m continuing to think about how youth ministry must change to reach students with the love of Christ, the truth of the Gospel and a better way to live because of hope in God. events have been something i’ve done and loved to do over the years. why? because they create memories, build existing and […]

youth ministries [not youth group]

November 13, 2007

at the national youth workers convention, there was a course i took on rethinking youth ministry models. one question they asked was, “what if your ministry didn’t have to worry about the pressure and performance of weekly programing?” it got me thinking about how relevant our group stuff is versus having more regular time hearing […]

did you know?

October 29, 2007

this was a great video to think about… the future diversity technology america’s place in the world a Christian response fear they showed this at in a seminar at the national youth workers convention. how will this affect our youth groups, churches, families? our world is changing and so how do we respond?  how do […]

what is competition?

March 26, 2007

 i love doing stuff together in youth ministry!  retreats, worship times, service projects, tailgate parties, youth pastors hanging out.  all of that fires me up. i think it’s important for students to see the body of Christ working together, caring for each other and realizing it’s not about us, not about our church, but it’s […]