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spring a few days away

March 14, 2008

this is officially the last week of winter 2007•2008.  yeah! next week spring is here and none too soon. i’m even man enough to admit it will be great to see the flowers and trees start blooming. that means the farmers market will open up, grass will grow back where there is nothing but dirt […]

last day in california

March 7, 2008

today is my last day out here. it’s been the most intellectually stretching time of my life and i’m so grateful for the opportunity. i’m also super pumped about getting back home and seeing dawn and having life together with her again. however, i will miss a few things about so cal… sunshine temps in […]

another snowy day

February 18, 2008

  this is becoming quite the stormy winter. we have had event cancellations, blizzard like conditions, trees falling, road slide offs and we’re close to reaching the maximum of school snow days. this is definately the heaviest winter weather i’ve seen since moving away from los angeles. and so today the posibility of canceling tonight […]

sun and snow

February 13, 2008

i’m working form home this morning before taking some students to lunch. in through my living room window is streaming sunlight and in the background snow is falling.  it’s a very cool sight.  and just seeing some sunlight is a very good thing.  i was forgetting what it looked like. thanks God! pax: ty

homeward bound

February 6, 2008

i just saw that my laptop is done and is homeward bound.  i should have it by 3 pm tomorrow! wow have i been lost without it. yikes! oh, and i’m placing my bet that tomorrow is another snow day.  the superviperstormteamweathercenterdopplerfirstalert is going crazy again today with overreaction and we canceled our evening ash wednesday […]


January 30, 2008

  yet another snow day.  that’s three in january already!  and thank goodness our weather tracker super doppler storm team is on the alert to give us up to the minute news on the storm! they’ve been calling it like blizzard “like” conditions. it didn’t snow too much, maybe 5 inches or so but started […]

waiting for walt mueller

January 22, 2008

today’s snow day was great. some lunch with nate, picking up some equipment and supplies for the anchor and finalizing details for our seminar tomorrow night with walt mueller. dawn even got to stay home and clean up around the house, do laundry, bake and get frustrated figuring out the bills on quicken. a great […]

praying for a snow day

January 22, 2008

UPDATE: WOO HOO! Dawn and I are going out to breakfast to celebrate the SNOW DAY! Both West Side Christian and Holland Christian are closed and we can enjoy some time together. dawn woke up at 5:15 [me too then] and checked the tv right away to see if it’s a snow day. now we’re […]

snow, snow and more snow

January 1, 2008

since about 7 o’clock last night, i don’t think it has stopped snowing.  not heavy, just light constant snow.  maybe in total about 6 to 8 inches.  kinda nice and makes for a beautiful landscape when you see all the white snow in the trees. dawn and i went for a walk around the neighborhood […]

on target viper live eye doppler severe storm team weather

December 23, 2007

here in michigan, many times during the year i’m reminded of a song when i flip between the news channels getting a weather update.  that song is from the band rem and says… “it’s the end of the world as we know it, and i feel fine…” they so over-hype the weather here to get […]