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bye bye for the weekend

February 1, 2008

my laptop is going bye, bye for a few days.  i’m going to go through major withdraws! i’m getting a larger hard drive put in [320 gb] and it needs to be shipped to california and back.  so i may have access to another computer or maybe not.  so i’ll post again when i can! […]

all three were a blessing

November 12, 2007

this weekend consisted of… friday • undertow function • 450 students saturday • pinecrest bless work day • 3 students sunday • xxxchurch presentation • 46 students three very different events and three very different groups of students.  all of them went very well and were great times. my role in all of these was […]


November 9, 2007

wouldn’t it be nice to just spend a day watching the leaves fall? i’m sitting in my office and we have 10 acres of woods out my office window. i see orange, red, green, brown and yellow leaves falling by the handful. i think of how peaceful it looks and wish i had a little […]

beauty, eh?

September 30, 2007

what a gorgeous weekend.  sometimes blogging about all the tough stuff and all the questions i have just has to take a back seat to stopping to catch my breath and recognizing the amazing surroundings God’s placed me in. thanks for a beautiful and good weekend Lord! i hope you all enjoyed it too, wherever […]

party time, chicago style

June 15, 2007

work is now done [with the exception of cooking breakfast sunday morning at roseland crc] and so now tradition dictates that the rest of the weekend is about enjoying time together. we’re a few minutes away from heading to navy pier. if we are lucky tonight, there will be fireworks. tomorrow is michigan avenue and […]


May 28, 2007

with life always feeling like it’s in fast forward, holiday weekends just seem to be a chance to play catch-up. even though we need to catch-up, it’s unfortunate because it doesn’t seem like we get the chance or now how to slow down. this weekend was one event and one task to the next. all […]


May 20, 2007

mackinac island is really amazing. it took way too long for me to finally make it up here and i’m sorry about that. however, i’m not sorry that i got to share this with dawn for my first visit. since i was a history major, like dawn, the fort, old buildings and historic markers are […]


May 11, 2007

so dawn and i are off to chicago for the weekend so that i can officiate at a friend’s wedding. we’re both pretty pumped because it’s a great couple getting married and their family is a ton of fun, it’s time off of work for both of us and it’s chicago! we actually get to […]