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October 16, 2012

  so my sabbatical journey begins officially today!  why? because at our church council meeting last night, my 11 page plan [that i’ve been working on for almost a year now] was approved and financially supported. so now i’m will be starting a journey to breath, research, rest, gain some perspective and enjoy my family […]

sweating helps

April 9, 2009

a few days ago i posted about being a wee bit “pissy” about stuff in life.  usually [and thankfully] when i’m get this way it’s not that terribly long that it lasts and i can get back to normal. not that i’m that terribly normal.  yesterday after a great staff meeting with our youth ministry […]

pulling back the curtain • part two

March 26, 2008

[NOTE: This is an article for our church newsletter, hence the capital letters and real punctuation.] One of Dawn’s favorite classic movies is “The Wizard of Oz”. I remember that movie as a kid and watching the scene were Toto the dog pulls back the curtain to expose what is really going on with the […]

rethinking events as youth ministy

December 22, 2007

i’m continuing to think about how youth ministry must change to reach students with the love of Christ, the truth of the Gospel and a better way to live because of hope in God. events have been something i’ve done and loved to do over the years. why? because they create memories, build existing and […]

the shrinking youth group

December 9, 2007

so in my ever confusing world of high school youth group, i continue to keep shrinking my youth group. i don’t get it but i’m going to keep working hard to not let it dishearten me but rejoice for every opportunity we have with each student. i love all of our student and am glad […]

all three were a blessing

November 12, 2007

this weekend consisted of… friday • undertow function • 450 students saturday • pinecrest bless work day • 3 students sunday • xxxchurch presentation • 46 students three very different events and three very different groups of students.  all of them went very well and were great times. my role in all of these was […]


November 9, 2007

wouldn’t it be nice to just spend a day watching the leaves fall? i’m sitting in my office and we have 10 acres of woods out my office window. i see orange, red, green, brown and yellow leaves falling by the handful. i think of how peaceful it looks and wish i had a little […]

wi-fi and weather

October 17, 2007

ok, so i’m cooled down after the alamo rental blues.  however, i look like a complete tool driving a mini-van.  not cool! so now the next issues is the wi-fi blues.  traveling and trying to keep in contact is a pain.  finding wi-fi is not easy and then once you do figuring out the settings […]

more missions stuff and another great book!

September 30, 2007

  i am looking at talking to my students about our service and mission projects from the perspective of what are we accomplishing.  we’ve been going to roseland for 6 years now and are we any closer to understanding the real issues of poverty, racism, power, injustice and all the rest. see, we get to […]

good thoughts on missions & service

September 25, 2007

went to a seminar put on by the rca and western seminary that was at calvin college [strange location] that we really good.  it had a lot to think about regarding how and why we do short term missions with our churches and youth groups.  there was so much good thinking that it’s hard to […]